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Each year, around 15% of the MF class consists of international students coming from a diverse range of countries including Canada, France, Germany, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, UK, and the United States of America.
International Youth Leadership Finance Summit (IYLFS) is conducted by SAIF MF program at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The summit aims to provide an interaction and learning platform for outstanding undergraduate students, as well as to cultivate their leadership, communication and organizational skills.
Extended Learning and Student Activities (ELSA) is committed to creating an exceptional living and learning environment for students and the greater SAIF community. SAIF MF highly encourages and facilitates student-faculty interaction.
Students from all over China (including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) gather together to experience the SAIF culture, make friends, and learn critical finance and life skills in Summer Camp.
SAIF MF achieved the highest placement rate for any business/ finance program in China.
SAIF MF program made a strong debut in the Financial Times’ annual ranking of the best MF programs in the world, ranking 2nd in Asia and 28th in the world.

International Applicants

The SAIF Master of Finance (MF) Program is happy to announce the establishment of 30 Global Impact Scholarships for international candidates from top universities world‐wide, applying for the 2 years full‐time MF program for matriculation in fall each year. Either full or half international tuition (USD 31,000 total for 2 years) scholarships will be awarded to each student.
The outstanding candidates have the chance to be recommended by the MF program to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship, which includes tuition waiver, free on‐campus accommodation and a monthly allowance (RMB1,700 or USD280 /month).
(i) Candidates must not be a citizen of China (including the Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao) at the time of application.
(ii) Candidates must have a Bachelor degree, with a GPA ranking in the top 50% of the undergraduate institution.
(iii) Applicants must submit a complete set of application materials.
Decisions will be made based on the following merits:

  • Undergraduate academic performance
  • GMAT/GRE score
  • Other academic/professional credentials or certifications
  • Demonstrated leadership and communication skills
  • Future career potential

Admissions Process
Step 1 – Apply for Admission
Applications for the MF Program must be made electronically by 30 April 2017 via the SAIF MF online application portal at:
Application Check‐list:
1) A completed online application form (from application portal);
2) Resumes/CV;
3) Copy of graduation certificates and official university transcript;
4) Two reference letters;
5) Photocopy of the information page of your passport;
6) GMAT (Code:6QS‐S6‐21) / GRE(Code:4481) score report
Step 2 – Apply for the Global Impact scholarship
Once you submit the application online, you should email the MF program via with your school’s recommendation letter and specify that you will be applying for the SAIF MF’s Global Impact scholarship.
Step 3 – Apply for Chinese Government Scholarship
For the outstanding applicants, we will help you apply for the Chinese Government Special Scholarship before March 1st,2017. You may download the introduction of the scholarship via
* Please note that the first two steps must be completed before March 1st 2017 if you want to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship. 

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