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Each year, around 15% of the MF class consists of international students coming from a diverse range of countries including Canada, France, Germany, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, UK, and the United States of America.
International Youth Leadership Finance Summit (IYLFS) is conducted by SAIF MF program at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The summit aims to provide an interaction and learning platform for outstanding undergraduate students, as well as to cultivate their leadership, communication and organizational skills.
Extended Learning and Student Activities (ELSA) is committed to creating an exceptional living and learning environment for students and the greater SAIF community. SAIF MF highly encourages and facilitates student-faculty interaction.
Students from all over China (including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) gather together to experience the SAIF culture, make friends, and learn critical finance and life skills in Summer Camp.
SAIF MF achieved the highest placement rate for any business/ finance program in China.
SAIF MF program made a strong debut in the Financial Times’ annual ranking of the best MF programs in the world, ranking 2nd in Asia and 28th in the world.


The objective of SAIF Master of Finance program is to train and cultivate international-class financial talents mastering modern financial theoretical methods and technology, proficient in operation ways and practices of Chinese and international financial industry. Meanwhile, MF program is also devoted to cultivating students’ various social and living skills including social responsibilities, leadership, communication abilities and cultural literacy, etc. 
For this purpose, MF program has directly brought in the first-rate faculty from the internationally famous universities, uses all-English teaching, and sets the courses, internationalized and open type school-running pattern fully geared to the internationalized standard, and the modernized teaching method supported by the simulation laboratory. Both the overall course setting and teaching content of each course fully reflects the basic style to closely connect the development of international financial field with the actual conditions of domestic and foreign markets.
In addition, the industry advisory board is founded for the project, the comprehensive practice course (SAIF LIVE) is set up and the rich Extended Learning and Student Activity (ELSA) is arranged for students.

Educational system:
Two-year full-time learning, all-English teaching. Students can obtain the 
master degree and academic certificate of SAIF as well as Shanghai Jiao Tong University after being graduated smoothly.

Up to January 2014, there are 54 full-time and special term professors from top 
universities overseas totally in SAIF, of which 43 professors have or once had tenure in the international first-rate business school. The faculty team is still being developed.

Student background:
Our students are from global excellent universities and their diversified 
background and culture constitute the internationalized classroom.

The overall course setting of MF program and teaching content of each course fully reflect 
the basic style to closely connect the development of international financial field with the actual conditions of domestic and foreign markets.

Cooperating with MBA students to complete the true 
business cases with each project of 5-6 team members and period of about 2 months. The cases all are from famous groups, companies, such as Blackstone, ASE Group and Maple Tree, etc. Part of projects can provide the opportunities of employment or intern. 

Summer internship:
Compulsory course, the time is July to August of grade one, building the 
foundation for seeking jobs at grade two.

Full-time internship:
The courses from grade two are all elective and students basically have 
classes on weekends or in the evening. Students can select courses according to their own actual conditions.

Extended Learning and Student Activity (ELSA):
To help students grow more comprehensively, MF program 
concentrates on providing abundant opportunities for learning and practice to students through ELSA, to fully give play to their various potentials. It includes Professional Development series, Social Responsibility series, Coffee Hour series, Financial Database Exploration series and other cultural series.

Industry Connections:
SAIF MF program is always devoted to establishing strategic cooperation relation with the financial industry, providing more high-quality industrial resources to the students accordingly. Therefore, they can keep pace with the need and development of the industry in classroom learning, skill training, or personal career development. 
Industry Advisory Board (IAB): The IAB founded in 2013 is a high-end consulting committee to gather the excellent entrepreneurs' intelligence of the industry and give advice and suggestions to the long-term development of MF.
CFA Course Partner: As CFA course partner, the course setting of MF program is highly recognized by CFA, which means our course is in conformity with the talent need of security and investment industry. CFA offers MF program with several scholarships and other assistances in study.
China Academy of Finance Research (CAFR): SAIF CAFR is aimed at apply the modern financial and economic theory and practice experience to help all walks of life solve major financial problems and challenges, and provide the innovative thoughts, schemes, products and technologies meeting the market and policy need to the construction and development of China’s modern financial market. 
Industrial Mentor Planning: SAIF has recruited 91 senior management personnel with rich industrial experience and successes from the famous enterprises and institutions of financial industry as the industrial tutors of students.

Career Development:
The career development center of SAIF provides MF students with one-to-one 
career development service. In line with the idea “considering the end as the start”, our objective is not only help students find jobs, but also help students master career expectation design and find the career road suitable to themselves. Since the college was established, the employment rate for MF before graduation annually is 100%.
List of part of employers: Morgan Chase & Co., Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, The Carlyle Group, Fidelity Worldwide Investment, China Asset Management, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, China Construction Bank, Citic Securities, Haitong Securities, Guotai Junan Securities, Temasek, Sequoia Capital, Ping An Trust, Industrial Trust, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Financial Futures Exchange and Bain & Company.


Both the overall course setting of MF program and teaching content of each course fully reflect the basic style of connecting the development of international financial field with the actual conditions of domestic and foreign markets closely. The courses of MF program are developed by professors enjoying the reputation home and abroad and leaders in the financial industry together and adjusted according to the development in the academic cycle and financial industry regularly. 
* The courses are adjusted somehow every year. The following course list is only for reference


SAIF LIVE is compulsory for students in grade two. It refers to the actual business case completed by students grade two in grouped cooperation. In each project, 4 to 6 persons fall into one group and the course lasts for about 2 months. The cases are all from the famous enterprise group or international company, such as Blackstone Group, ASE Group, Mapletree, etc. Some projects offer the opportunities for employment or internship.

The objective of SAIF LIVE is to apply the cutting-edge financial knowledge learned at classroom into the actual business case operation and solution to actual problems faced by enterprises. Each project is directly supervised by the senior management personnel of the enterprise and completed by students with the guidance of professors of SAIF. In such process, the students not only have a chance to know the operation of large enterprise deeply, but also can build the contact with the industrial elite before working formally. This is a good opportunity for SAIF MF students, either in study or social contact. 
Class size: 59
International: 10
Male/Female: 32/27
Average Age: 22.3
CET6 Average: 603
GMAT Average: 698
GRE Average: 321

Total: 7/50
Country of origin:

Undergraduate Institutions:

International Affair

Running the school in internationalization is the tenet and characteristic SAIF persists all along. To cultivate global financial talents, allow students to be in touch with the international cutting-edge financial knowledge, expand the global vision, exercise transcultural operation and expand global social network, SAIF provides students with abundant opportunities for oversea learning and international exchange. 

Click here to visit the homepage for international exchange of SAIF:

1. Student Exchange Program 
According to the content difference of exchange agreement, excellent MBA/MF students will have an opportunity to study in a famous university cooperating with SAIF for one term and take its courses. The effective credits will be accepted by SAIF. 
- NUS School of Business
- University of California, Davis
- Mendoza College of Business 
- Foster Business School, University of Washington
- Paris Dauphine University
- Manchester Business School
- The University of Warwick
- Copenhagen Business School, CBS
- Aalto University (The Helsinki School of Economics)
- School of Banking and Finance, University of New South Wales
- IE Business School 
- University of Konstanz
- Business School, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
- National Chengchi University, NCCU
- IESEG School of Management
- Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
- Rotterdam School of Management
- Queen’s University
- School of Business and Economics, Goethe University
- Commercial University of Luigi Bocconi
- School of Banking and Finance, University of Zurich

2. Short-term Study Tour Project 
In addition to the oversea exchange project, students can also participate in the short-term oversea exchange program held by a foreign university cooperating with SAIF and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, including spring school, summer school and summer camp, etc. Meanwhile, SAIF also customizes the agenda for oversea study tour and investigation according to the demands of students and alumni to broaden the international vision and enrich the oversea experience. 

3. Global Real Estate Master Project 
The GREM (Global Real Estate Master) is the global master degree's course for real estate established by the Business School of University of Wisconsin. After completing courses of SAIF smoothly, the students of SAIF and alumni who graduated within five years can further study for half a year (with transferrable credits) in University of Wisconsin from the beginning of September to the end of December every year. After completing the courses smoothly, they can be awarded with the Global Real Estate Master by the University of Wisconsin. Refer to for the details.

4. Other Oversea Exchanges and Practices 
MIT Sloan China Lab project, internship with pay in EUREX, oversea partner project and interaction with oversea study group, etc... Today, the international antenna of SAIF has been penetrated into every aspect, including study, exchange, visit and internship. What's more, we are still making progress on the internationalization road continuously to create SAIF into the cradle of high-end talents for Chinese internationalized finance.
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